About Us

Our History

For more than 30 years we did what you do. We were an installation business. No one better understands the pressure you feel to complete a project on time. We understand the challenges of erosion sediment control, storm water management and the geosynthetic world, because we have been there.

In the 1980s we purchased a company that bought the products that we had been installing and we became not only an installation business but also a distribution company. In 2000 we simplified and focused on distribution.

Because of this experience, we can confidently say we have unmatched institutional knowledge in the marketplace. We are passionate about standing in the gap and serving as a solution center and resource for an entire project—not just a company that sells products. We are passionate about serving our customers by providing not only excellent products but expertise that they will not find anywhere else.

The ECS Advantage

It’s so much more than “good customer service.” We are a mid-Atlantic, regional company that thinks local. We may serve the entire mid-Atlantic region, but every customer interaction, every delivery, every product, has the touch of a local company. 

We’re focused on our relationships with the people and businesses we serve. We believe there is a significant difference in the way we do business. It’s so much more than products; it’s our solutions. With the feel of a local small business but the buying position of a regional company, we are able to provide a variety of products and solutions to our customers.

Environmental Construction Solutions is staffed with people who have pushed dirt, people who have installed silt fence. Our team has used the products we sell. We have expertise in soils. And as you well know, if you don’t understand soils, then you cannot stabilize it. We understand the urgency of our customers’ projects. We view ourselves as one of your team members. That’s personal service. That’s ECS.