Summit View Business Park Phase I

Location: Rocky Mount, Virginia

Contractor: RSG Landscaping

Weather: April - Seasonal, May - Hot and Dry

Seed: SoilDefender Cool - 200 pounds per acre

           VDOT Tall Fescue - 50 pounds per acre

Fertilizer: 15-30-15 / 150 pounds per acre

Lime: Hydro- Cal Dry - 150 pounds per acre

Hydra-Blast: 5 Gallon per acre

Cover: Flexterra, no straw - 3000# pounds per acre - 4000 pounds per acre depending on slope

Hydra-Blast Product Overview:

Hydra-Blast addresses the two most critical factors affecting new turf establishment: adequate phosphorous utilization and adequate soil moisture. Hydra-Blast ensures that adequate moisture is present in the soil to facilitate germination.  This is most important in non-irrigated sites that are dependent upon irregular / unpredictable rainfall.  The moisture retention polymer also modifies the viscosity of the tank mix, making it slightly thicker which facilitates on-target deposition of hydro-seeded areas and ensures seed / fertilizer mixture stays in place.  The addition of a moisture retention product like Hydra-Blast can help reduce drought stress on established turf and can help reduce overall irrigation requirements.

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