Cosner Corner Publix

Location: 9601 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA

General Contractor: Henderson Construction Co. Inc.

Subcontractor: Finish Line Environmental

Soil Amendment Replacement: ProGanics: 60 bales per acre

Grass Seed: soilDEFENDER Cool: 200 pounds per acre

Fertilizer: Organics Plus 10-20-10: 250 pounds per acre

Fertilizer: Ag Grade 15-30-15: 300 pounds per acre

Lime: Solu-Cal: 500 pounds per acre

Lime: Hydro-Cal: 300 pounds per acre

Hydraulic Mulch: EnviroBlend: 20 bales per acre

Before the opening of Fredericksburg’s new Publix Super Market, the General Contractor subbed out Finish Line Environmental to help establish vegetation in the parking lot area. On June 15th, Finish Line used the soil amendment product, ProGanics, in lieu of compost to raise the organic matter level that was right at 2%.  Instead of using straw or EC-2 erosion control blankets, Finish Line used 20 bales of EnviroBlend hydraulic mulch as the capping for this site.

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