VDOT G95 Dinwiddie


FHWA NUMBER: STP-5A27(157);RSTP-5A27(155)

PROJECT NUMBER: (NFO)0600-026268,C501;(NFO)0001-026-107,C501

COUNTY: Dinwiddie

DISTRICT: Richmond

DESCRIPTION/NAME: Intersection Improvements to Rte 600/Rte 226

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Branscome Incorporated


7,120 sq/ft of Flexamat at the top of the outlet pipe there was 2x12’x30’ sq/ft rolls of Flexmat installed. Then the project had 10x 8’x50’ sq/ft rolls of Flexmat and to finish the slope into the rip/rap drain there was 10x 8’x30’ sq/ft rolls of Flexmat. We saved the contractor 1x roll of 8’x30’.


CONTROL: 320 feet of 8 inch Filtrexx Siltsoxx

HYDROSEEDING AREA: 1 acre 24 bales of Flexterra and 100 lbs of soilDefender erosion control mixture grass seed by ECS to spray and an extra 50lbs of soilDefender grass seed to the 3ft overlap/shingle aspect of the project. So a total of 150lbs of soilDefender seed was used.


1st VDOT project in the Commonwealth of Virginia to use Flexamat in lieu of rip/rap. Took a day and half to install the 7,120 s/f of Flexamat and hydroseed the finished area. Original plans for the project required the ditch to be lined with EC-3. VDOT felt that given the gradient, the soil type, and the volume of water being conveyed to the ditch that the EC-3 would fail. VDOT wanted to line the ditch with a non-erodible product so that it would not be as susceptible to future erosion damage. VDOT did a cost comparison between lining the ditch with Rip Rap and the tied concrete block system and decided to go with the tied concrete block system. Over all, VDOT has been very pleased with the product. It established grass quickly and has handled some extreme rain events “like a champ.”

~Notes from Jesscia Miller Project Manger - VDOT

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